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We are buying pre-built Used Sets again. Please fill out this form to request an appointment to bring in Used Sets or Minifigures.

Buy & Trade-In Policy

Welcome to Bottomless Bricks, where your LEGO® collection finds a new home! Our Buy & Trade-In Policy ensures a straightforward process. We accept new and used LEGO sets, MiniFigures®, and bins of loose bricks. We accept New Sets and Bulk Brick anytime during our regular operating hours. If you have pre-built used sets or multiple MiniFigures® to bring in, please fill out this form to schedule an appointment. Processing your collection may take some time, so please plan accordingly.

New Sets

New sets must be sealed with the original seal.  We will pay a percentage of the current market rate*, damage to the box may affect the value. New sets currently available at LEGO®.com will only be eligible for store credit.

Used Sets

We purchase pre-built used sets at a percentage of the current market rate*.  We need the sets to be completed and assembled so we can ensure that it's all there. Please include the Minifigures that came with the sets. If the set is not assembled, we can only pay Bulk rate. Please include the instructions and/ or box if you have them. Fill out this form to request an appointment top bring in your used sets.


MiniFigures® are worth more than bulk LEGO®, so we recommend separating them out so we can see what you have.  MiniFigures come in all shapes, sizes and intellectual properties which may affect the value. We purchase MiniFigures at a percentage of the current market rate.* If you have a large amount of MiniFigures® (more than 5) please email us to schedule an appointment. We do not buy damaged MiniFigures, so please check them for cracks or other damage.

Bulk Brick

We will generally pay a per-pound price for Bulk LEGO®, however there is some variance in this.  Building instructions are not included in the per pound price and will be evaluated separately.  Normally speaking, we do not buy instructions unless they are rare. We do not buy damaged bricks or non-LEGO® brands including MegaBloks, K’nex, Lepin etc.  This means we pay less for lots that have a higher percentage of non-LEGO® brands or damaged bricks, as it takes more time to sort and there is a lower yield of product that we can re-sell.  We also take into account the cleanliness of the lot.  While we don’t expect the lot to be perfectly clean, as we clean the bricks regularly, the dirtier they are, the more difficult it is to clean them. 

*Current Market Rate is based on the last six months sales average at This may vary based on cleanliness and rarity of the items.

Important Note on Quotes

Quotes are estimates; final prices may adjust based on in-person evaluations. Once a sale is made, it's final.

Tips for getting the Best Price

  1. Focus on MiniFigures®: Separate them from your bulk brick and check them for accuracy.
  2. Remove Non-LEGO® Pieces: Boost value by removing non-LEGO® items.
  3. Rebuild Used Sets: We pay more for assembled sets. If they're not built, it's considered bulk brick.
  4. Avoid Gluing Sets: Unaltered sets hold more value; we don't buy glued ones.
  5. Keep Minifigures with Sets: Maximize pre-built set value by including Minifigures.
  6. Clean your used sets before bringing them in. A thick coating of dust will affect our offer.


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